Getting on the Bus to YCAT (Haneda Airport)

International Terminal

Arrival Lobby

The international arrival lobby at Haneda Airport is on the 2nd floor.
After passing through customs and coming out of the gate, go to the bus ticket counter diagonally to the left.

Bus Ticket Counter

Purchase your bus ticket(s) for YCAT at the bus ticket counter.
Tickets are only valid for the day of purchase.

Central Hall

Pass through the central hall to the access hall.

Next to the Elevator

Pass by the elevator on your way to the access hall.

Access Hall

When you get to the access hall, take the escalator on the right to the 1st floor.
You can also use the elevator on the left.

Bus Terminal

From the escalator, go straight to Pole No. 7. Buses for YCAT depart from here.
A staff member will check your ticket when you board.

Bus Ticket Vending Machine

You can also purchase tickets from the vending machines in front of Pole No. 7. Purchase here if you can't buy in the arrival lobby.