YCAT Area Information

YCAT is 3 minute walk from Yokohama Station East Exit. Yokohama Station is the hub station of Yokohama. It is accessed by numerous rail lines and is close to numerous commercial facilities, restaurants, and hotels.

Within 5 minutes' walk of YCAT

Yokohama Sky Building

This complex facility contains shops, restaurants, and office space. On the 14th floor is the Sky Spa, open from 10:00 to 09:30 the next morning. Yokohama Sky Building homepage

SOGO Yokohama

Directly connected to Sky Building, which contains YCAT. This department store has various shops and restaurants. The SOGO Art Gallery on the 6th floor holds various exhibitions all year round.
SOGO Yokohama Store

Nissan Global Headquarters

This is the headquarters building of Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., one of Japan's world famous auto makers. The Global Headquarters Gallery on the 1st floor exhibits the latest Nissan car models. Nissan Global Headquarters

Fuji Xerox R&D Square

Fuji Xerox R&D Square was built in 2010 as the R&D center of Fuji Xerox. This building also contains the Customer Co-creation Laboratory for jointly creating value with customers. Access to Fuji Xerox R&D Square

Yokohama Mitsui Building

One of Yokohama's super high-rise office buildings. Restaurants and shops are located on the 1st floor.
2nd floor is the Hara Model Railway Museum, which displays the largest indoor diorama in the world. Yokohama Mitsui Building

HARA Model Railway Museum

This museum opened to public what is said to be the world's largest collection of model trains in the world, comprised of those made and owned by Nobutaro Hara. One of the features of Hara's model train collection is that it contains reproductions ranging from the age of steam to the age of electric locomotives, centering on Japan, Europe, and America, that bring to light the remarkable advances in railway technology. Please enjoy the world of railroads while you're in Yokohama.
HARA Model Railway Museum

Within 10 minutes' walk of YCAT

Yokohama Porta Underground Complex at Yokohama Station East Exit

This underground complex connects Yokohama Sky Building (which contains YCAT) and SOGO Yokohama to Yokohama Station. It contains more than 100 restaurants and stores. There is an electric notice board displaying operating conditions of buses going from YCAT to Haneda at the entrance on the Yokohama Station side. Yokohama Porta

LUMINE Yokohama

LUMINE Yokohama inside Yokohama Station Building.
Numerous select shops and sundry goods stores can be found over 11 floors (B2 to the 9th).
There is also a supermarket on the B2 floor. LUMINE Yokohama

Within 15 minutes' walk of YCAT

Yokohama Takashimaya

Yokohama Takashimaya is maybe the best known department store at Yokohama Station West Exit. Since it is directly connected to the station, you can reach it without going outside.
It contains numerous shops and restaurants. Yokohama Takashimaya

Yokohama Bay Sheraton

This is a 28-floor high-rise hotel at Yokohama Station West Exit.
In addition to 398 guest rooms, it has seven restaurants, a lounge bar, swimming pool, fitness club, and relaxation salon. Yokohama Bay Sheraton

Yokohama More's

This urban shopping center, containing shops and restaurants, is located at Yokohama Station West Exit. You can enjoy a variety of cuisine including Japanese, Western, and Asian in the restaurants on the 8th and 9th floors. Yokohama More's

Sotetsu Joinus

This is the station building at Yokohama Station West Exit. It contains specialist shops, restaurants, a supermarket, and parking spaces, and Sculpture Park belonging to Sotetsu Joinus is on the rooftop. Joinus

Pacifico Yokohama

Located in Minato Mirai. Pacifico Yokohama is a world-class convention center comprising international conference hall, exhibition halls, and a hotel. Pacifico Yokohama